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Dear film lovers

Films cannot change the world, but people who watch them can! We hope that the films screened this year will catch your attention and convince you that change is necessary, while our activism will show you it is also possible. During the festival, Amnesty International is campaigning for the rights of refugees and migrants. We are using true stories to shatter and shove illusions – if there ever was an illusion that the world without migrations has existed at all. And an illusion that Europe can look away and run away from reality and historical responsibility for unbearable political and economic situations that force numerous men, women and children to flee their homes.

Migrations are the centre of our campaign, as well as of some films at the festival. Jury members who will again select the best human rights documentary film are personally and professionally engaged with migrations – a fact which is not a result of a well thought-out plan, but probably another piece of proof that migrations are very much an important part of our lives. Therefore it is worth and necessary to draw them nearer, lift the veil of ignorance and prejudice, and raise awareness from different perspectives. Personally as well as at the level of the state.

We not only demand respect for human rights of refugees and migrants from the EU, but also build understanding among young people: they were invited to write welcome messages for refugees. We want also the identity of Europe to be revealed through opinions of its citizens who are humans, friends, and supportive of each other. The messages will be sent to the EU representatives in Brussels. You are warmly invited to visit us at our info point and add your voice!


Nataša Posel
Director Amnesty International Slovenia


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