The jury (composed of Maryse Hendrix, Rok Biček and Tina Plahutnik) has made a unanimous decision to present the Amnesty International Slovenia Award to Collective by Alexander Nanau.

By Alexander Nanau
Romania, 2019

Jury statement

Permeating his observational documentary Collective, Alexander Nanau’s singular, by now recognizable and remarkable cinematic poetics pulls us in the vortex of the fearless struggle of investigative journalists against the greed and systemic corruption in Romania. A prime political thriller that, through the microcosm of one nation, unobtrusively reflects the ‘diseased’ situation in which our entire world is trapped. If we could still delude ourselves that this was not our story before the outbreak of the pandemic, it is today clear that the whole of humanity is one big Collective.

Special Mention

The jury wishes to acknowledge the merits of Exemplary Behavior (by directors Audrius Mickevičius and Nerijus Milerius) by presenting it with a Special Mention.

Exemplary Behaviour
Pavyzdingas elgesys 
By Audrius Mickevičius, Nerijus Milerius
Lithuania, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, 2019

Jury statement
While we will probably never find out whether Audrius Mickevičius consciously approached the making of this film as a means of mourning for his murdered brother, it is clear that in creating Exemplary Behavior – together with Nerijus Milerius – he relentlessly exposed the paradox between justice and forgiveness.