After finishing her studies, Margje de Koning directed documentaries for various broadcasting companies for 12 years. For some years Margje taught documentary filmmaking at the University of Amsterdam. In August 2004, Margje became Commissioning Editor for a documentary slot of 52’ docs. This involved producing and co-producing creative single 52'-documentaries on contemporary social, social-cultural and moral issues with a strong human-interest angle. The focus was on Dutch subjects as well as those from all over the world. From January 2005 Margje de Koning was responsible for the Television Department of IKON and in January 2012 became Head of TV, Radio and New Media programming at IKON. In January 2016 IKON was incorporated within EO with Margje de Koning as Head of Documentaries for EOdocs. In September 2019 she left the public broadcaster in order to become the new artistic director of the film festival Movies that Matter.
    Siniša Gačić completed his studies in film and television editing and television directing at the Ljubljana Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television. As a journalist and film director he has collaborated with various RTV Slovenia editorial offices since 1999. During this period he directed many documentaries. In 2014, he made his feature debut with the film Boj za, which won the Vesna Award for Best Feature Film at the Slovenian Film Festival. His latest documentary, Hči Camorre, received the Vesna Award for Best Documentary.
    Kaja Atanasov is a graduate social worker pursuing a master's degree at the Faculty of Social Work (Social Justice and Radical Perspectives in Social Work). She is also a youth worker at the Public Institution Young Dragons, and teaches English to children. She’s active in the field of human rights, and is particularly interested in migration, gender and LGBTQI+. In her spare time, she volunteers for the Association DIH and is tutor coordinator at the Faculty of Social Work. In the academic year 2021/2022 she attended the extracurricular activity Amnesty Academy: Human Rights in Practice, which is carried out by Amnesty Slovenia in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. Jury membership is a practical part of this extracurricular activity.
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