Accompanying programme

    Tracking Deforestation in Bolivia

    10 –17 March 2023
    Foyer II, admission free
    • About exhibition

      Matjaž Krivic’s photos were taken on a reporting assignment in Bolivia as part of the project Our Food. Our Future supported by the Focus Association for Sustainable Development. Over the last few years Bolivia has had the world’s third highest deforestation rate (after Brazil and the DRC) mainly due to the extensive cattle farming and soybean growing for livestock feed. In Bolivia, author of the accompanying text, Delo journalist Maja Prijatelj Videmšek, met with a number of representatives of different interest groups, livestock farmers, timber traders, indigenous groups, forest guardians and decision-makers. 
      Matjaž Krivic is the recipient of the prestigious 2022 Travel Photographer Award. 

      The full exhibition will be on view this April in Ljubljana’s Congress Square.
      In cooperation with the Focus Association

    Dialogues on Slovenian Documentary Film

    Round table
    SAT, 11 March 2023 , at 11.00
    Lili Novy Glass Hall, admission free
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      Since the turn of the century, documentary film has enjoyed a revival as a result of digitisation and a surge in online providers. This type of filmmaking has won worldwide popularity in cinemas and on TV screens, its forms today ranging from more demanding art films to commercial feature films for a wider audience. Has this upsurge also occurred in Slovenia? A panel of four documentary filmmakers – Maja Weiss, Majda Širca, Petra Seliškar and Marija Zidar – will share their experiences. What were the greatest difficulties they encountered throughout their careers and what are the future challenges facing Slovenian documentary film? 

      The talk will be hosted by Matic Majcen, co-editor of a theme issue of Dialogi.

    Q&A after the screening 

    *Free entry to post-screening Q&Asst.

    Q&A with the director Susanne Regina Meures after the screening of Girl Gang

    SAT, 11 March, and MON, 13 March 2023
    Kosovel Hal*

    Talk with Lia Bordon after the screening of Casa Susanna

    Saturday, 11 March 2023
    Kosovel Hall*
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      Mag. Lia Bordon je ženska s transspolno izkušnjo. Pri rojstvu so ji pripisali moški spol, jo kot moškega vzgajali, čeprav se je že v otroštvu zavedala, da bi se morala roditi kot deklica. V privzgojeni moški vlogi si je ustvarila bogato poklicno pot, dom in družino, pri 42 letih pa se je odločila končno zaživeti tako, kot bi morala že od rojstva – kot ženska. Vstopila je v mučen proces tranzicije in potrditev spola ob tveganju, da kot večina transspolnih oseb izgubi vse. Njena starša je (še) niste zmogla sprejeti, zato se je z ženo in otrokoma preselila v drug kraj ter si ustvarila novo življenje z novimi ljudmi. Danes kot osebna kovčinja, psihoterapevtka, predavateljica in zagovornica transspolnih oseb pomaga tistim, ki trčijo v sorodne, na videz nepremostljive izzive življenja.  

    Q&A with Director of Photography Gail Jenkinson after the screening of Patrick and the Whale

    SUN, 12 March, and MON, 13 March 2023
    Kinodvor, Kosovel Hall*

    Q&A with the film crew after the screening of A World Beneath a Dark Lid

    SUN, 12 March 2023
    Kosovel Hall*

    Q&A after the screening of Eating Our Way to Extinction

    MO, 13 March 2023
    Kosovel Hall*
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      Food system for a viable future
      We will talk about the unsustainability of the food system, about systemic solutions and the role and power of individuals in achieving a more sustainable food system. 
      We will address the issue of the availability of food produced in ways that respect planetary boundaries while enabling everyone to live with dignity. 
      With the participation of: Žiga Malek, environmental scientist, Nika Tavčar, Umanotera – Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development, Živa Kavka Gobbo, Focus Association for Sustainable Development; Moderated by: Maja Prijatelj Videmšek, journalist for Delo daily.
      In cooperation with the Focus Association
      Focus Association for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical association committed to promoting comprehensive socioeconomic changes towards a decent life within planetary boundaries. More info: focus.si

    Q&A after the screening of Matter Out of Place

    TUE, 14 March 2023
    Kosovel Hall*
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      Featured guest: Jaka Kranjc, lead expert at Ecologists Without Borders, over the last decade focusing on waste prevention, improving waste management and reducing pollution at the national, municipal, corporate and individual levels.
      Hosted by: Maja Prijatelj Videmšek, long-time journalist for the Delo daily focusing on the issues of environment, nature protection and food production, as well as the future of agriculture.

    Q&A with the director Nataša Urban after the screening of The Eclipse 

    TUE, 14 March 2023
    Slovenska kinoteka /Slovenian Cinematheque* 

    Q&A after the screening of All that Breathes 

    WED, 15 March 2023

    • Več

      Gost: doc. dr. Al Vrezec iz kustodiata za vretenčarje

      Prirodoslovnega muzeja Slovenije. Strokovno vodi Slovenski center za obročkanje ptičev, raziskovalno se ukvarja z biologijo in ekologijo sov. Je nosilec in predavatelj predmeta Ornitologija na bolonjskem magistrskem študiju Biotehniške fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani. Za svoje delo je prejel več nagrad in priznanj. 

    Talk with Transgender Filmmakers after the screening of Casa Susanna

    WED, 15 March 2023
    Kosovel Hall*
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      The talk will address the importance of safe places for trans people and various sexual and gender minorities. Authentic cinematic representations of social minorities can provide empowerment and solace but also help prevent the unnecessary perpetuation of stereotypical images. Slovenian trans filmmakers will discuss whether the film Casa Susanna provides authentic solace and a legitimate representation of transgender people, and ponder on best possible cinematic and narrative representations of trans stories and communities. 
      With the participation of: Lea Aymard, cinematographer, director of photography and trans activist, Zavod TransAkcija; Ana Čigon, artist working in video & performance art and film and video teacher at the Secondary Preschool Education and Grammar School Ljubljana; Moderated by: Linn Julian Koletnik, longtime trans activist, AIS

      In cooperation with Amnesty International Slovenija (AIS)

    Q&A after the Screening of The Happy Worker

    THU 16 March 2023
    Kosovel Hal
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      Featured guest: Dr Jana Javornik, professor and research fellow at the universities of Leeds, Stockholm and Utrecht and the Slovenian Institute of Contemporary History; (co)author of various scientific publications, (co)editor of scientific journals and books and a member of different interdisciplinary research and expert groups and councils, as well as civil society organisations.