Accompanying programme

    Talk with Nada Pretnar

    13 March, after the screening of The First 54 Years. An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation
    Kosovel Hall
     Amnesty International Slovenia is organising a talk with a representative of Palestinian Rights Movements, Nada Pretnar, and Wafa Y. Kanan, a pharmacist and project manager at humanitarian organizations in Gaza who lives in Slovenia. The topic will be the violation of the human rights of Palestinians in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    Talk about Employee Ownership

    In co-operation with the Institute for Economic Democracy 

    15 March, after the screening of Factory to the Workers (beginning at 20:30)

    After the screening of the documentary Factory to the Workers, a talk will be held with the film's director, Srdjan Kovačević, and Drago Varga, a former trade union representative, and current Director of the employee-owned company ITAS.

    The documentary takes the viewer into the turbulent times of struggling business, managerial fraud, and workers whose livelihood depends on decent wages. The talk will touch on the role of employee ownership in capitalism, reveal the motives of ITAS’ antagonists and speculate on the future of alternative models of ownership in economy. 

    The talk will be hosted by Tej Gonza, Director of the Institute for Economic Democracy, an organisation whose introduction of economic democracy, following the examples of international best practice, brings a breath of fresh air to Slovenia.